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I met Susan Broussard at probably the lowest point of my life. I was overweight when I had never had an issue with my weight previously. I was drinking alcohol in excess. I was taking multiple anti-depressant medications. I had severe case of insomnia. I could not, and would not, go to work. And, I had a feeling of hopelessness that ultimately led me to suicidal ideation. Even with all of the previously listed issues, I wanted to live for the sake of my sons. So, I searched high and low to find a counselor who would understand me..., and that was Ms. Broussard. 

Susan is the real deal. One of the first things she ever said to me is, "My goal is to get you well - not keep you as a patient forever. And, as long as you are willing to do the work so will I." So, I did the work. On some of the days that I saw her, I walked away feeling the same because there was a lot to unpack in my life. But, I kept showing up, and so did Susan. She took notes, gave me copies, recommended books, and assigned homework. Sometimes I felt like I was in school. I did not want to always do the homework. But, I did it anyway. And, then there was this 1 day that I turned a corner - after reading her book. I had the hardest epiphany of my life - the recognition that my now ex-husband was a narcissist, as well as my parents; and, there was absolutely no way to fix them. That day was also the beginning of my transformation from feeling helpless to feeling hopeful. 

I will not lie. The process of gaining my life back was hard. I left my husband within 2 weeks of determining he would never change. And, I have distanced myself from my parents, permanently. However, I would do it again 10 more times to be where I am now. I am off all medications. I no longer drink. I have lost all my weight. I sleep like a baby. My sons are proud of me. And, I am happier than I have ever been. 

I learned how to create boundaries. I learned to recognize being gaslighted. I learned there is no magic pill that can fix a narcissist. And most importantly, I learned that I was deserving of being loved without being tortured - even by people whose titles I have been told I should respect no matter what. 

No words will ever be enough to show my appreciation for all Susan has done for me. 

Nancy Earle-Davis