Anonymous Survivor Story #1


Have you ever felt so much love just gushing out while you held someone other than your child? Just so much love while being in their arms? That's exactly how I felt each time I was in his arms. I remember a moment where him and I were laying by the lake, staring at the stars one summer night. He was holding me nice and snug and I couldn't stop staring at him in disbelief that God had returned him to me. I didn't know for how long he would be around this time but for whatever that time was. All I knew is that it felt so good, I was so grateful and remember just thanking God for giving me the chance to be with him again and I was going to enjoy every moment with him. Keeping in mind that it wasn't going to be forever and I was ok with that and I still am. So I can say it doesn't hurt to let him go now.

- anonymous survivor

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